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On Board Security Teams

We specialize in providing affordable security solutions for vessels operating in high risk waters including the Gulf of Aden, Gulf of Oman, Red Sea, Indian Ocean and East/West Africa. Furthermore, we provide security training, risk consulting and security planning for the maritime community.  All of our security programs are designed to comply with International maritime law enforcement standards and the IMO ISPS Code and MSC Circulars 1405 and 1443.


Personnel. We maintain a large pool of Coast Guard and other military personnel trained to MSC.Circ.1443 standards. All of our employees are personally interviewed, hired and trained to our standards by the Seaguard management team. We do not sub-contract personnel or other companies to perform our missions. Our personnel are on long-term employment contracts and remain in theater for up to six months to support operations.

Management. Our management team is comprised of highly specialized maritime operations/security experts with over 20 years of experience with maritime law enforcement and anti-piracy missions. As consultants, we have written over 200 Ship Security Plans, trained over 1000 ship and port security personnel and we are experts in ISPS, BMP4, and Flag State/Port State regulations.


Operations. We have a complete understanding of the on board security requirements for vessel security. We employ the U.S. Coast Guard risk-based assessment and ROE/Use for Force Model. Our operations are consistent with UNCLOS and are grounded in the use of the minimum force necessary to deter and stop potential threats. Additionally, we have successfully defended numerous vessels against the piracy threat.


Equipment. SGS deploys our teams with semi-automatic rifles that are owned by our company and are less than two years old. Unlike others providers, we do not rent rifles or employ shoguns. Our standard deployment kit include ammunition, UFH communications, optical devices, tactical and protective gear.